Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny

The issue: During the summer, I tan quickly and my skin looks great.  But during the winter, I have very light skin. I really do not enjoy having such light skin... must be a Florida thing... so I am constantly looking for a way to add a little color to my skin.

During my Sephora Haul last month, I searched for a product to add some color to my pale skin.  While speaking with a saleswoman at Sephora, I told her I was interested in trying a bronzer, but I did not want anything too drastic or anything that would make me orange.  I explained that I was looking for something to add some natural looking color to my skin.  Her suggestion?  Too Faced Perfecting Bronzing Powder in Snow Bunny.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I simply adore this product.  Snow Bunny features four shades, white, golden bronze, delicate pink, and fawn glimmer (see above photo, left to right).  The four shades let you customize your application.  This is not a matte bronzer, but has a bit of shimmer to it.  While it is shimmery, it is not glittery.  I feel that the shimmer helps to make my skin look a little more healthy.  The bronzer comes in a compact which also features a mirror.  The compact is about 3 inches wide, so it is the perfect size to throw in your purse to apply on the go.  I have to add, the outside of the compact is absolutely adorable!

Application: I like to use delicate pink and fawn glimmer as blush, and use primarily white and golden bronze (with a little of delicate pink and fawn glimmer) for the rest of my face.  I typically apply the bronzer in the shape of the number 3 on each side of my face, and then add a little to the bridge of my nose.  When it comes to brush choice, I use the Too Faced Flatbuki (you can read my review of the Too Faced Flatbuki here).  They work fabulously together.

As you can tell, I absolutely love this product.  I only took off a half star because I feel like I have to apply a lot to get the color that I want.  But everyone uses a different amount, so it make take you less product to achieve your perfect glow.  I have to add, this can be taken as a positive, rather than a negative.  With many bronzers I have seen, you think you are putting on just a little bit, and then you realize that you have put on way too much.  This is definitely not the case with this bronzer.

On a final note, I am not affiliated with Sephora or Too Faced in any way.  This review is purely my opinion and was completely honest.  It was not affected by anyone else.  I am not trying to persuade you to purchase any of the products listed.  I try to research my beauty products thoroughly before I purchase them so that I know what to expect before I buy it.  I want to write my own reviews so that I can help others who like to research their purchases too.  I hope that you found this review entertaining and informative.

As always, I would love to hear what you think about my review.  If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer them. :)


  1. I just purchased that item today!!! I'm in love! I'm very pale as well, but I never get a tan. I'll review it soon. Loved your blog.

    1. Glad you like my blog! :) The product is amazing. It instantly became a part of my daily beauty routine. I just wish it was a little less expensive... then it would be perfect. :)