Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This week while interning...

Just thought I would share a few updates from my internship.

As you may or may not know, I am currently completing my Level II internship this semester.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I work in a third grade classroom.  I absolutely love it.

First off, let me share my favorite conversation that took place this week.

Little girl in my class: *raises hand* "Is there reception in space?"
Me: "Reception?"
Girl: "Yeah, like for your cell phone.  Can astronauts use them in space?"  Haha.  It was hilarious.

I have been teaching science since my second week of interning.  My teacher told me about two weeks ago that I was ready to teach more, so I am now teaching reading as well.  I also meet with a small group of four students for guided reading.  I love that I am allowed to teach more often.  I really feel that I am growing as a teacher.  I love to know that I am helping my students to learn new things!

For the past two weeks or so I have been teaching a science unit on the outer space focusing on the Sun and stars.  For one assignment I had my students write five facts about the Sun on a paper place and then decorate.  Here are a few of their beautiful Suns. :)

They are great, aren't they?  I was so proud of their work.  My cooperating teacher did as well.  If you can't tell, she hung them all up and displayed them in the classroom.

This week a little girl in my class gave me this picture:

She then told me, "You can give it to your husband and pretend that you drew it if you want to." Haha.  Like I said before, my class is adorable.

Well, now you know what has been going on at school lately.  Next week I am continuing to teach science and reading.  I can't wait to see what kind of adventures that third grade has in store for me. :)

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