Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just a few updates

Okay, so I know I have totally been MIA.  It has been a very long week and a half.  As you may or may not remember, the weekend before last I was sick/visited the hospital.  I kind of laid around all weekend and spent the rest of the week trying to catch up.  Then I went out of the town for this past weekend, and have spent the first part of this week trying to catch up.  Needless to say, I am ready for a break!

Anyways, I thought I would give you guys a brief rundown of the highlights of the past week and a half.  Last Tuesday, I taught my very first science lesson on physical and chemical changes of matter.  For those of you needing a refresher... a physical change usually changes the look or feel of the matter (i.e. cutting a carrot), where a chemical change occurs when a new substance is created (i.e. the carrot getting moldy).  Yes, I needed a refresher too!  I started my lesson by giving out sticky notes and asking the students to crumple them up, demonstrating a physical change.  Then I showed them a plastic baggie containing ash (aka burned paper).  Surprisingly, they all thought that was super cool.  I guess 3rd graders are easy to please.  I then showed them a PowerPoint presentation that I made with various examples of physical and chemical changes on them.  It turned out really well and they acted like it was a game.  Thankfully, it all went well.  I taught science again on Wednesday, but it was more of a practice activity than something fun.  I am truly loving my internship!  There are some awesome students in my class, and of course... kids say the darndest things. :)

This week I taught science again.  Yesterday, I introduced our space unit where we begin learning about the sun.  We did a little experiment, or investigation, where we found out what happened when comparing a cup of water left in the sun and a cup of water left in the shade.  Spoiler alert: the temperature of the water in the cup in the sun will be higher than the one in the shade.  Today was a little more fun.  For me anyways.  We went over the vocabulary needed to learn about the sun and made some cool little flip charts to help us remember the terms and definitions.

Today, I also started a 365 Project (you can check out my project right here).  Basically the goal is to take one photo a day for a year.  I may post some of my photos here as well.  Don't worry, I wont post one here daily (I'm sure that would be obnoxious).  Wanting a new hobby?  Want to work on your photography skills?  Want a reason to log onto the internet every day?  Start a 365 Project of your own!  If you do, please leave me the link here so I can check it out.  If you follow me, let me know here and I'll follow you too!  I would love to see all of your photos. :)

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I guess that is all for now.  I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight.  Waking up early for interning is killing me!  My motto is: If the sun isn't up, I shouldn't be either!

Until next time! xoxo

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