Thursday, December 29, 2011

'Tis the season... for resolutions

Calvin and Hobbes

As 2011 nears its end, the phrase "New Years resolutions" pops into my mind.  Each year, people all over the United States make New Years resolutions with good intentions, but then find that they are abandoned by Valentine's Day.  This year, rather than make resolutions that I may not keep, I decided that I would come up with a few things that I would like to improve this year.  I know what you're thinking, "that sounds a lot like resolutions to me!"  But they aren't.  This way, I acknowledge that I need to make some adjustments in my life (contrary to the popular believe, I am not perfect... haha), however I also acknowledge that lifestyle changes take time and dedication to make.  Not to mention if I start to fail I won't have the excuse... "well... maybe next year."

With that being said, I give you the following list of things that I wish to change or accomplish during 2012.

1. Cut back on procrastination.  Procrastinating is something that I hate to do, but I do it anyways.  Obviously I am not going to kid myself into thinking that I can completely stop procrastinating.  I can however try to stop procrastinating on large projects and try to start them earlier.
2. Incorporate more organization into my home.  I am that person who has the good intention to organize and yet finds myself unorganized.  I hope to become a little more organized this year (for both my and my husband's sake).  I have recently come across a fabulous blog, iHeart Organizing, which gives tons of wonderful organizing tips and ideas.  If you are like me and have no idea where to begin (or maybe you are just looking for more ideas) be sure to check it out!
3. Exercise more often.  As you may remember from one of my previous posts, I struggle with exercising.  It is something that I know is good for me, and yet it is still difficult to do.  My husband is determined to help me with this.  He has already created a work out plan for me.  One of the benefits of marrying a soldier: a permanent workout buddy!
4. Eat healthier.  I absolutely love Chick-fil-a, Cuban sandwiches, spaghetti, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and candy (no, not all together, sicko!).  Obviously I am not going to be able to eat healthy all of the time. I can however choose healthier meals, and reduce the amount of junk food that I eat.
5. Learn how to sew.  This is not an option.  I got a sewing machine, case, and an adorable custom sewing basket (made by my awesome and incredibly talented sister) for Christmas.  Hopefully by next Christmas I can make some fabulous homemade gifts.
6. Blog more frequently.  I have found that I really enjoy blogging.  As you can probably tell though, I often forget or do not make time for it.  I would definitely like to blog more often (and hopefully you would like to read my posts more often). :)
7. Think more about others, and less about myself.  There are a lot of changes within this category that I would like to make, but I think that this covers them all.  It doesn't always have to be something big, but just taking the time to remember that I am not more important than anyone else.  I think that in our society we focus more on ourselves and less on others.
8. Take a chance.  I am someone who likes to play it safe.  I am often afraid of change.  I am often afraid of the unknown.  I would love to take a chance and do something that no one would ever expect me to.

I suppose that is all for now.  Since these aren't "resolutions" I can change or add to them at any time.  In fact, I just might.  So now it is your turn, dear Reader.  Do you make New Years resolutions?  Do you prefer my idea of "changes-that-are-kind-of-like-resolutions-but-aren't"?  Or do you prefer to skip resolutions all together?  If you said yes to one of the first two questions and wish to share one (or all) of your resolutions, please tell me in the comments below!  If you skip resolutions and wish to share why, feel free to leave a comment about that as well.  I would love to hear from you! :)

Last, I am going to create my first ever poll!  Since I wish to blog more often, I thought I would find out what you would like to read more about.  If there is something that you wish for me to blog about that isn't listed, leave me a comment and I will try my best to make it happen.

I hope that you all enjoy the rest of 2011!

P.S. For those of you wondering, the scarf I mentioned in my last post was for my mother-in-law.  She loved it! :)