Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Too Faced Sun on the Run kit

Another review from my recent Sephora Haul.

I had been looking at the Too Faced Flatbuki brush on Sephora's website when I came across this kit.  For $5 more it included a mini bronzer in Sun Bunny.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The flatbuki brush isn't your average brush.  It is, however, more or less what it sounds like... a flat kabuki brush.  The brush stands about 2 1/2 inches tall and rather than being super thick like the kabuki, it has more of a flat appearance.  My favorite things about this brush are the super soft "Teddy Bear Hair"bristles (bonus: they are cruelty free).  Not to mention the shiny pink handle is simply adorable.

The kit also includes a bronzing powder in Sun Bunny (0.08 oz).  At first, I was a little intimidated by the color of it.  Once I tried it on, I fell in love!  The color is simply beautiful, and gave my skin a pretty tan color (without looking orange).  The sad thing is that it made my face a little too tan for the rest of my body, so I think I may keep it in my make up bag for now.  But once it gets a little warmer, you can bet that I will use it daily!

When I opened saw this box, I was pretty surprised.  It was much smaller than I expected.  For the price, I had hoped for a little more.  But because it was only $5 more for the bronzer, I think it was still worth purchasing.

On a final note, I am not affiliated with Sephora or Too Faced in any way.  This review is purely my opinion and was not affected by anyone else and was completely honest.  I am not trying to persuade you to purchase any of the products listed.  I try to research my beauty products thoroughly before I purchase them so that I know what to expect before I buy it.  I want to write my own reviews so that I can help others who like to research their purchases too.  I hope that you found this review entertaining and informative.


  1. You're smart to add a disclaimer, maybe I should catch on to that too!

    1. Thanks! :) I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that my reviews are honest and uninfluenced. I have seen a lot of reviews where the blogger had been given the item and naturally were a little biased. But mostly, I just wanted my readers to know why I wanted to write the review in the first place. :)