Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Give Yourself the Perfect Pedicure at Home

It's that time of year again!  SPRING BREAK!  Spring break is a sign it is time to break out some of my favorite things... flip flops.  Flip flops are a spring break must have if you are headed to the pool, the beach, or when you are making a quick run to the store for party supplies.  Here in the Sunshine state though, we tend to wear flip flops and sandals almost year round.

After wearing boots and tennis shoes for most of the "winter" (yes, I put it in quotes because in Florida we don't have much of a winter).  I decided that it was time to give myself a pedicure.  The dry weather combined with my love of boots has really taken it's toll on my feel.  They aren't pretty.  So today I decided it was time for a pedicure.  Naturally I don't feel like spending a ton of money for pedicures every week, but with a few supplies I can do my own at home.

Step 1:

Take off any polish that is on your toes.

Step 2:

Clip your toenails.  Clip them straight across and do not round the edges.  Doing so prevents getting ingrown toenails!  If you would like to file your nails, file them the same way (rather than back and forth) as it helps to prevent your nails from breaking.

Step 3:

Add a little bit of cuticle cream if you would like (I used Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now).  Gently, push back cuticles with an orangewood stick.  If you start to push back the skin around your toes... STOP.

Step 4:

Fill up your bathtub or a small bin with warm water.  Let your feet soak in the water for at least 15 minutes (the more dead skin you have on your feet, the longer you'll need to soak them).  Add a few drops of some essential oils (such as peppermint) or bath salts if you would like to.

Step 5:

This is the gross part.  Scrape the dead skin off of your feet focusing on your heels, the balls of your feet, and the sides of your feet.  For this you can use a foot scraper or pumice stone (I use a Ped Egg).  Warning: Do not scrub too hard.  If your skin looks pink stop.  The point is to take off the excess rough skin, but you do need some tough skin left to help protect your feet.  I use the Ped Egg.

Step 6:

Slather on a foot cream.  Put on socks to help the cream to really soak into your feet.  For added hydration, leave your socks on overnight.  I used Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream with Shea Butter.

Step 7:

Put on a thin coat of nail polish base.  This helps to protect your nails from being stained by your nail polish, as well as help your polish last longer.  I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat.  Make sure that you wash all cream off of your nails before applying your base or polish.

Step 8:

Paint your nails with your favorite nail polish.  Use cotton balls to keep your toes from touching each other.

I chose China Glaze nail polish in Re-Fresh Mint.

Step 9:

After your polish dries, add a clear top coat to help your polish last longer.

You're all finished!  Make sure your polish is completely dry before putting on shoes or walking around too much.  If your polish starts to chip, it's time to give yourself another pedicure!

What is your spring polish color?  Do you prefer the DIY yourself approach, or do you visit the salon.

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